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Planning for life after high school can be a breeze or a challenge for students and their families. Getting a head start is one of your best options but can require some extensive research if you’re not on the dean’s list. CPAP can help you navigate the process. 


Your high school advisors can help you acquire some information and get you started to build your curriculum. You will still have to sort through the information and choices available. CPAP helps you to get on track and asssemble a profile to help you meet your goals.

Do the Math

Understanding the funding
process is a big challenge if you aren’t financially secured. CPAP can help you develop a funding plan that can minimize the assumable  debt that most attain after graduation. Besides the most popular funding sources, we can help you find grants and other awards.  

College Choices

Choosing a College? HBCUs are enjoying a resurgence in enrollments. They offer quality educational benefits for those who seek bachelor, masters and doctoral degrees. CPAP has a resource center with qualified mentors to assist you in making the right choice. 

HBCU Scholars and Athletes

Academics is fundamental to achieving life’s goals. Athletics provide additional benefits. Balancing the basics contributes to the ultimate experience in your college life. Explore the Historically Black Colleges & Universities. 


For over one hundred years, HBCUs have been in the forefront of education for African Americans and other ethnic groups. Through economic and other challenges, they have maintained a quality system of excellence.

The Science -Technology -Engineering-Medical programs add significant opportunities to student-athletes with rewarding and lucrative professional careers. HBCUs offer many opportunities also.

 Take A Tour

Want to visit a College? There are numerous tour groups who offer a variety of campus excursions for college-bound high school students who want to experience the Black College environment. 

The Legacy of HBCUs

Historically Black Colleges & Universities have a legacy dating back to the 1800s. Most institutions have undergone Renaissance periods as they strive to maintain a high standard of educational and athletic excellence. Learn more about the HBCU traditions.

Academic Excellence

Education pioneers like George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington, Mary McLeod Bethune and others laid  the foundations to provide a path to quality education for ex-slaves and future generations. These schools  have produced Nobel Prize winners to Hall of Fame members. 

Competitive Spirit

College sports are an integral part of the development of student athletes at HBCUs since the inception of collegiate competition. High school students who aspire to compete at the next level have enjoyed their preparation for the future- whether in sports or in another profession in life.  


Who was one of the most prolific scorers in college basketball? HBCUs claim several- Alphonso Ford (MVSU), Travis Grant (KSU) and surprise- Miriam Walker (Claflin). There are other History-makers in Football, Baseball, Tennis and Track and Field in Hall of Fames you may have heard of.  


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