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Tuition Loans Information

College education in the U.S. is expensive. Things to Consider Before Applying for a Student Loan Step-by-Step Guide to the FAFSA Application Online

Athletics Information

Since some colleges have stepped away from admissions testing, NCAA officials felt the same standards should apply to athlete eligibility. How does this affect student athletes?

Extracurricular Activities:

Outside of the classroom, these activities can play a big part in helping to shape your future plans to attend school, play sports, and much, much more.

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Planning for life after high school? Here’s a quick rundown on what to expect and how
to get the help you need!

Need help with waiver fees? If you’re applying to more than a couple of colleges, it can be costly. See what options are available.
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Certificates vs. Certifications: How do they differ?

A certificate is evidence of education, while certification is evidence of passing an exam or meeting industry standards.
· Did you know there are over 45 Types of Certificate Programs for Different Career Paths?

Jumpstart the Work Career

A new report reveals a gap between students’ knowledge of available opportunities beyond a four-year degree and their interest in skills-based learning. Tell us your thoughts 

The popularity of nondegree courses is rising among recent high school graduates who are less likely to consider college as their next move. According to a survey, 63 percent of teenagers are open to possibilities other than a four-year degree, and 35 percent of adolescents do not think education beyond high school is required. Only 13% of students believe they are completely ready to decide on their career route after high school, though.
 (IHE, ECMC Group Survey; Jobs for the Future; American Student Assistance)

Looking into the Future
The Fastest Growing Occupations in America​

With the goal of enhancing students’ learning and career-building experiences, the Comprehensive Preparation Assistance Program offers free educational support to students and families, thereby promoting academic and professional development.

Take advantage of the resources to help develop a checklist for selecting a school, including eligibility, funding, and career guidance.

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