Comprehensive Preparatory Assistance Program

The Black College Sports & Education Foundation offers the FREE Comprehensive Preparatory Assistance Program services. PLEASE NOTE: Students under the age of 18 MUST have parental permission to register for this program. By registering, you will receive the tools and information to help you get started and build your profile that will chart your course to the next level of your educational career. You will receive valuable guidelines, up to date articles on colleges, community colleges, technical and trade school requirements, careers, and funding. In addition,  you will get the latest Black college info and much, much more that will help you to decide what’s the best fit for you! Just fill out the form below to get started.


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This is a pre-interview questionnaire. In order to fully registered, you and your parent or guardian must complete interview together. After full registration, you will be issued a password to access full content of the Comprehensive Preparatory Assistance Program, FAQ and other support materials. You will still have free access to podcasts and other information posted on the website. For further assistance, email [email protected]

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We offer a  free Comprehensive Preparatory Assistance Program .

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