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Find the help you want in this section. It is a step by step summary to creating a successful college plan. 

Preparing for the next level...

The decisions that you make and the actions you take now can have a major impact on your college experience.

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You Must Hear This!

Arel Moodie delivers a fascinating talk on one of the most important life lessons he’s learned: You don’t have to be the smartest or most skilled to become successful.
The secret: EFFORT.

Is There an HBCU in Your Future?

Why Attend an HBCU?

Historically Black Colleges and Universities face the usual challenges just like other institutions, such as financial difficulties, leadership, enrollment and retention rates. Even amid such challenges, a new study reveals that HBCU grads are faring much better than their non-HBCU counterparts in multiple areas of life, including their financial and purpose well-being.
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Are There Benefits?

• HBCU provide an nourishing environment that encourages self purpose and financial well-being.
• College experiences can be much more all-around rewarding for HBCU students.
• Most HBCU grads strongly agree they received more support.
• HBCU grads are enthusiastically involved in applied internships, long-term projects and extracurricular activities.
• They are among the leaders in STEM programs (see STEM)

Making the "Cut"

When choosing a college, making decisions about  environment and traditions can play a big part in helping students to find their ideal college. 
For more info, see The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

For athletes, you should know the requirements for qualifying to play at the next level.  The numbers of African-American students at HBCU colleges are increasing overall.
For more info, see NCAA Clearinghouse and/or PlayNAIA 

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...Other Options

Tech and Trade Jobs in A Global World

The tech field prepares students for a diverse workforce. It offers amazing options to balance work-study with higher-than-average salaries and advancement opportunities. With tons of job opportunities, it’s a lot easier than most think to make the transition into the workforce. See Top Trending Jobs 2021

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