Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, NY, NY
The most celebrated Black library in America, it is recognized as the world’s leading research library devoted exclusively to documenting the history and cultural development of peoples of African descent worldwide. Since its founding in 1925 during the Harlem Renaissance, the Center has housed vast collections of over 10 million items. 515 Malcolm X Boulevard, Harlem, New York City



[Editor’s note: During the interruption in the school system due to this pandemic, we are reaching out to students, their families, communities and schools – looking toward the near future as we transisition toward preparaing to resume the education process 


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Black College Sports & Foundation strongly believes that every student should be prepared for a full range of postsecondary options.

A comprehensive preparatory program that helps students to meet scholastic requirements for entry into colleges and universities, community colleges, technical colleges, or trade schools.

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From elementary to high school, some college preparatory programs focus on increasing academic readiness, while others specialize in college admissions or financial aid.

Some involve families and mentors, and others
college preparatory programs aim to increase college access, these programs take many forms and serve a variety of students.

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CPAP resources range from Student Profile Building, Curriculum Planning, College Preparation, Financial Planning, and lots more.
It is tailored to help individuals and community-based organizations.

With constant changes occurring, it is important that students and parents are kept up to date on educational, social, and career trends. 
CPAP can help in all of these areas!

Profile Building
Personal data, school selection, parental participation 100%
Curriculum Planning
Course selections, Eligibility, Progress Tracking 100%
Career Planning
College, Technical, Trade, Arts 100%
Financial Planning
Scholarships, Grants, Loans, 100%

The Future: Digital Training?

Social Media Strategy

The demand for media interaction in the education systems continues to evolve.
Reaching those who are underserved and are in need of help has created innovative methods of helping to compete in the increasingly global market competition.  

CPAP designed the Resource Center with instructional guides, online workshops, tutorials, as well as podcasts, webinars, and social media links. The monthly newsletter is filled with updates in education, cooperate alliances with schools, athletic updates, funding opportunities, and a myriad of information that can help students to make better decisions about their future.

The Arts, Music, Athletics

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