Those We Touch

Those We Touch By Edd J. Hayes As a designated “hoops dad,” I found myself chauffeuring my teenage daughter and a few of her friends to games and practices. They became like my own and I would constantly be in their heads…talking basketball and the importance of making good grades, and the value of looking

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The Homecoming

In the 1970s-80s, a renewed enthusiasm surrounding Black College sports- particularly football, men and women basketball, track and field (men and women)- was riding a wave of interest, thanks to publications like the Pittsburgh Courier, Sheridan Sports, Black College Sports Reports and Black Sports World.

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A Time Line

A Time Line By Edd J. Hayes In 1947, Dr. Mordecai W. Johnson, president of Howard University, stood before a House Labor Department Federal Appropriations subcommittee and extolled the fact that 17 Land-Grant Colleges were being underfunded with small allotments which were crippling the predominately black colleges and universities in their efforts to grow and prepare

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Changing the Landscape

Changing the Landscape​ By Edd J. Hayes Brief History of Former Black College Stars who were snubbed by PWIs I attended my first National Basketball Association Media Day in the 1984 and as a “rookie” sports writer, I was awed by the big time press pundits in attendance. I took a seat near the rear

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A PAL Story

A PAL Story “ I don’t know nuthin’ ‘bout no black college.” By Edd J. Hayes Back in the ‘80s, I was a “gym rat” and spent a lot of time with my friends at the Police Athletic League gym on Webster Avenue in the Bronx, one of the many havens for inner city youths

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A Saga That Has No Ending

A Saga That Has No Ending In this age of instant social media fame, nothing or no one escapes the spotlight.A while back, there was a YouTube clip of the nine-year old girl that has already caught the eye of the major college basketball powers.How easy it is to be caught up in the hype

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Resurrecting HBCUs

Resurrecting HBCUs “Understanding history makes the present more explicable in terms of where we started from and how we got to this point” The general population is so media-driven that they jump on the bandwagon without getting behind the facts. There’s growing debate about the “State of HBCUs”…and none of our highly respected media icons

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