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Commonly asked questions about the Comprehensive Preparation Assistance Program. Submit your own questions and inquiries here.

What is CPAP*

The Comprehensive Preparation Assistance Program is a non-profit organization that offers free supplemental support to students, student-athletes and existing organizations in areas of  (1) educational preparation (2) funding (3) career development and much more. Individualize profiles afford students an opportunity to build a career path to their educational goals at the college, technical and trade school levels.

What are some advantages of CPAP*

The Comprehensive Preparation Assistance Program has compiled one of the most extensive resources for students and athletes in career development.  There are vast information libraries, video instructions, zoom sessions, webinars, podcasts and much more...  

What info does CPAP* provide?

Some of the items in the directories include high school curriculum development, college selections and curriculums, financial sources, essay writing, applications, academic and athletic eligibilities and much more.

Is there a cost involved?

There is absolutely no cost to students or their families to participate in the program. Some added incentives like college application fees assistance may be available.

Does CPAP* work with CBOs, churches, etc.?

Yes! CPAP* supplements and integrates well with existing community-based youth organizations, afterschool programs and church programs. Students can sign up individually when no support groups are available. 

How do I get started?

Simply register online by visiting the website homepage of BCSEF. A follow-up person-to-person interview is required.

How long does the program last?

The Comprehensive Preparation Assistance Program is a flexible program designed to work with students from the sixth grade to their senior year of high school. CBOs, etc. can filter portions of the program to fit their needs.

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