Scholarship Funds: A Rewarding Adventure

This is by no means the complete list of high school students who are excelling and have mastered an important element in their matriculation to the next level in their lives. These four young ladies are a part of the rising class of informed students who are well on their way to a successful future. 
If you have any candidates, please contact us and we will be happy to acknowledge them! 

Awarded over $1 Million in Scholarships

Shanya Robinson- Owen

Shanya has exceeded over $1 million in scholarship money from 30 different colleges, among them are: Moravian College, PA, La Salle University, Philadelphia, Temple University, Lincoln University, MO and Cabrini University, PA.
The senior spent the last two years learning virtually because of the pandemic, (but) that did not deter her from focusing on the next level of her education. Although Shanya didn’t set her expectations too high when applying to colleges, her hard work has paid off overwhelmingly.
“I didn’t expect to get this, I knew about the scholarships, but I didn’t  

Senior, George Washington Carver High School of Engineering, Phila, PA

expect it to be this much, at all,” she said. As for college preferences, she says it is not the school that offers her the most handsome scholarship package. “I don’t want to base it off money and then I don’t like the school and not finish.” She plans to major in psychology.

Senior, Douglas County High School, Atlanta, GA

over $1.6 million in scholarship offers


17-year-old Jordan Nixon has been accepted at 39 colleges and universities and over $1.6 million in scholarship offers. She has applied to 50 schools and is still receiving acceptance letters.

The Douglas County High school senior in Atlanta, Georgia, has hopes to attend a school with a diverse student body while majoring in International Business.
Nixon was overwhelmed by the acceptance letters. “The crazy thing is, I’m still waiting on decision letters, but I was not expecting that at all.”

More Million Dollar Club members
over $3.7 million in scholarships


A senior at the International High School of New Orleans, Antionette was unanimously accepted into each of the 115 schools she applied to and has been presented with a total of $3.7 million in scholarships.
The savvy student used several resources in her quest for higher education, such as her high school counselors, the Common Application, – a tool that allows students to apply to more than 800 colleges and universities around the country. 

Senior, International High School, New Orleans, LA

Another great resource was the Common Black College Application, which she used to apply to 50 Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Love plans to major in elementary education.

Lucy C. Laney High School, Augusta, Georgia

Jakelia Baker was the valedictorian of the Class of 2019 at Lucy C. Laney High School. She sported a 4.1 GPA and competed in five sports: basketball, volleyball, golf, tennis,
and soccer, and still found time to be in the marching band, Math Team,

awarded over $1 million in scholarships

Jakelia Baker

Student Council, National Honor Society, and Academic Decathlon.
Jakelia was accepted into more than 50 schools out of 65 applied for and awarded over $1 million in scholarships.
“It really boosted my confidence and my self-esteem because I honestly didn’t think that I could achieve such A big goal,” said Baker.

[Note: This segment was originally printed in 2019. Since we missed it last year, we decided to pay it forward -EH]

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