Education Director: Charley Flint, PhD        Executive Director: Edd J. Hayes       Academic/Athletic Recruitment: Whitfield Jenkins

This FREE virtual program is structured to prepare students and athletes to develop a roadmap for a seamless transition to the next level of their educational and athletic endeavors. The process begins at three levels: 6-8 grades; 9-10 grades, and 11-12 grades. 
The modules below is a tutorial on how the program incorporates the participation and guidance provided to help students and athletes make better decisions that can increase their options. The choices are variable and the program database of information provides answers and resolutions based on the individual needs of students and athletes.

CPAP can supplement schools and community-based organizations with tools and support tailored to their needs through resource aids, virtual workshops, research and development and additional counseling.

Here’s how to get started:   

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