Celebrating Those Who Stood Up

In a media driven world, the burning desire to promote the recognition and importance of a segment of history that has been inherently omitted from the of this country has nevertheless been chronicled by historians like James Loewen, the author of “Lies My Teacher Told Me among others.”
The passion of Carter G. Woodson to gather a movement to awaken the conscientiousness of this country to proclaim a way of remembering important people and events in the history is opening new avenues.

Ironically, the attempts to suppress this inclusion by some modern-day denialists only fans the flames for commemorating important people and events in the history of the African diaspora.
Our mission is to advocate for those who are not justifiably be granted an equal opportunity to grab onto the golden ring that is promised to all. Continue to support the efforts of those who are dedicated to championing their cause!

Are You on Track to Succeed?

While the planet is changing before our eyes, it is presenting a ever-growing wealth of opportunities in a tech driven world. 
Some of our youths have the privilege of being euipped, but too many others are having a hard time keeping pace due to the recent pandemic and other shortcomings that preceded it. We are prepared to help by filling in the gap – offering the support that can aid and abet students and families to keep pace or get on track to meeting their goals. Check out this video.

History Makers

The tapestry of African Americans contributions is a web of talented and dedicated professionals who worked to improve the quality of life for others while reaping rewards themselves.
Each season offers another opportunity to  celebrate those who helped shape the fabric of our society. 

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