Those We Touch

Those We Touch By Edd J. Hayes As a designated “hoops dad,” I found myself chauffeuring my teenage daughter and a few of her friends to games and practices. They became like my own and I would constantly be in their heads…talking basketball and the importance of making good grades, and the value of looking

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The Homecoming

In the 1970s-80s, a renewed enthusiasm surrounding Black College sports- particularly football, men and women basketball, track and field (men and women)- was riding a wave of interest, thanks to publications like the Pittsburgh Courier, Sheridan Sports, Black College Sports Reports and Black Sports World.

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A Time Line

A Time Line By Edd J. Hayes In 1947, Dr. Mordecai W. Johnson, president of Howard University, stood before a House Labor Department Federal Appropriations subcommittee and extolled the fact that 17 Land-Grant Colleges were being underfunded with small allotments which were crippling the predominately black colleges and universities in their efforts to grow and prepare

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Changing the Landscape

Changing the Landscape​ By Edd J. Hayes Brief History of Former Black College Stars who were snubbed by PWIs I attended my first National Basketball Association Media Day in the 1984 and as a “rookie” sports writer, I was awed by the big time press pundits in attendance. I took a seat near the rear

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A PAL Story

A PAL Story “ I don’t know nuthin’ ‘bout no black college.” By Edd J. Hayes Back in the ‘80s, I was a “gym rat” and spent a lot of time with my friends at the Police Athletic League gym on Webster Avenue in the Bronx, one of the many havens for inner city youths

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A Saga That Has No Ending

A Saga That Has No Ending In this age of instant social media fame, nothing or no one escapes the spotlight.A while back, there was a YouTube clip of the nine-year old girl that has already caught the eye of the major college basketball powers.How easy it is to be caught up in the hype

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Resurrecting HBCUs

Resurrecting HBCUs By Edd J. Hayes The general population is so media-driven that they jump on the bandwagon without getting behind the facts. There’s growing debate about the “State of HBCUs”…and none of our highly respected media icons have made this a cause celebre.Secondly, the alternative argument is that HBCU alumni do not support their schools as

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